5 Step Transformation Process


• Assess dimensions of the programme environment against best practice (Oracle Unified
Method and MSP)
• Assess whether appropriate tools, accelerators and approach have been adopted
• Dimensions assessed Organisation, Process, Technology, Data and Applications


• Findings documented and options generated for improving an existing programme
• For organisations embarking on a new cloud programme we will document gaps in readiness
and options to close the gaps
• The findings and recommendations socialised with key staff from the client organisation


• In this phase the Sera Neon team will prepare a report of findings and recommendations. This will be presented to key stakeholders in the client organisation. Next steps and actions will be prioritised and agreed with the


A plan will be prepared and agreed with the client for implementing agreed changes required:
• To optimise organisation readiness for a new programme
• Recover a failing programme
• Execution of planned changes with appropriate governance


• This phase will implement the programme to an agreed set of milestones and KPI’s. This would likely be achieved by supporting the programme with key Sera Neon services across programme management and architecture and other areas where there are resourcing gaps 

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