Oracle Programme Assurance Services

Successful project delivery is more important than ever for organisations and it is important the programme budget and the evaluation of any future risks are also identified with effective programme assurance.

Oracle Programme Assurance Services

At Sera Neon, the programme assurance plays a vital role and it provides us with the opportunity to use our experience and skills with best practices across Oracle project management. Successful project delivery is more important than ever for organisations and it is important the programme budget and the evaluation of any future risks are also identified with effective programme assurance.
The initiation, programme management and business change are at the core of the Programme Assurance Services.

Initiating Programmes

  • Exploration and Definition
  • Analysis
  • Solution Architecture and Design

It is important that Oracle Cloud Programme will have completed a number of preparatory tasks in order to facilitate a successful kick-off and launch of the project. From our experience, these key tasks may be identified as:

  • Define and document the scope of the programme in terms of modules, functionality, organisation and business change
  • Define and document the objectives of the programme primarily in business and organisational terms
  • Construct and publicise the high level timeline of the programme with key milestones
  • Define the Programme structure and organisation, including workstreams, personnel, roles and responsibilities, governance and reporting.

A strategic initiation and onboarding strategy is key to the success of your Oracle Cloud Implementation. A successful roadmap that includes a strategic initiation approach will often result in favourable results and help your Oracle Project Management team and your Oracle Cloud Programme.

Programme Management

  • Mobilisation
  • Delivery
  • Governance

Successful programmes can enable transformational changes for and within an organisation. Programme Management is that overall management of all of those connected projects within the programme and is a key part and often overlooked to ensure the business changes are properly implemented.  

Project governance is a critical element of any project, as the accountabilities and responsibilities associated with the project are within the governance arrangements. At Sera Neon, we work alongside the client team to advise and offer the guidance and governance around key decisions on Oracle project management.

Functional and Technical Consultancy

  • Business Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Solution Design
  • Technical Delivery

Sera Neon has a proven record in delivering Oracle Cloud implementation and support services to many organisations since 2010. We operate as an extension to the client project team, working with you as a collaborative team for a successful Oracle Project.

Our experience has taught us that to deliver effective programmes and assurance, we ensure our own team is the right fit to work with the client’s team. Our team have the right mix of skills and experience to help support you which ensure great working relationships across all parties and a clear focus and motivation to achieve the project goals and ambitions.

Business Change

  • Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • Process Optimisation
  • Stakeholder Management

A vital part of any change programme, is the process and how an organisation will successfully move from the COM, the current operating model, to the new one or the TOM, the target operating model. At Sera Neon, we can help you design and implement a new model by defining the people, processes and solutions required to deliver the strategy.

Oracle Cloud is a constantly evolving platform and business change is a hugely important step to get right with so many different elements involved in this type of programme. Process optimisation and stakeholder management are really key elements of this and where the specific parameters, common goals and decision making can all change and be adjusted during the programme to create better solutions, more flexibility and reliability with delivering the overall goals. 

Sera Neon

Sera Neon is an Oracle Gold Partner, offering extensive services and advisory to clients across ERP, EPM and HCM business solutions, both in the Cloud and on-premise. We have many years of experience in the UK and internationally working with organisations including Local and Central Government, Utilities and Infrastructure Services.