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Fusion Security

This blog sets out some of the security functions and features of Oracle Fusion.

To keep things simple, it’s based around a UK/GBP based organisation to avoid multiple currency complications.

I’m going to look at the security and setup options that are available within Oracle Fusion, and how that impacts on ease of use for end users and system maintenance from a support perspective.

What is an Oracle Cloud Advisory Service & Why Do You Need It?

For decades, businesses have tried to organise and consolidate internal innovations, by moving away from the old school way of making exchanges through barter systems and scaling out of manual marketplace communications by supporting the evolution of technology.

Why is the Reports development process in an Oracle Cloud Programme so Frustrating? Is there a better way of doing it?

100% of the projects in a heart to heart conversation will say Reporting’s one area that doesn’t work...

5 Step Transformation Process

EXPLORE • Assess dimensions of the programme environment against best practice...