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Sera Neon in an exclusive CSR Partnership with DOT Sign Language (UK) brings you monthly taster sessions on Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language (BSL).

Sera Neon Partners With DOT To Raise Deaf Awareness

Sera Neon partners with Dot Sign Language UK to raise Deaf Awareness & British Sign Language (BSL)

Sera Neon is an Oracle Partner, and  DOT is a BSL and Deaf Awareness Training School. Together we aim to improve communication and understanding between D/deaf and hearing people. Together, we will provide first-class tuition in British Sign language to anyone who wishes to learn.

Session Includes:

Deaf Awareness Facts

Deafness ranges from mild or partial to a total inability to hear. People with hearing impairment may have hearing aids and can communicate using sign language.

Communication Tips

There are some of the common communication approaches chosen by deaf people. Lip-reading, Fingerspelling, & British Sign Language are a few.

Accessibility for deaf people in the workplace/community

From communication to the workplace itself, deaf people face barriers when it comes to finding a job. Some simple ways can enable them to be productive.

Lip Reading and Non Manual Features

Lip reading, also known as speechreading, is a technique of understanding speech by visually interpreting the movements of the lips, face and tongue

Fingerspelling and BSL

Fingerspelling is a method of spelling words using hand movements and is used in sign language to spell out names of people and places for which there is not a sign.

Fingerspelling and basic BSL tuition/practice

Learn the fundamentals of fingerspelling right here in the Beginner’s section OR Improve and practise your British Sign Language fingerspelling skills

Kathleen Grehan, Director - Dot Sign Language

The presentation/session will be led by Dots Director, Kathleen Grehan, who is profoundly deaf. Kathleen will present in BSL and will be supported by her BSL interpreter so people can fully immerse themselves in the world of British Sign Language. 

Upcoming Sessions:

Presentation/Session Date Timing (BST)
October 11, 2022 COMPLETED
November 17, 2022 COMPLETED
December 15, 2022 To be announced.
February 16, 2023 To be announced.
March 16, 2023 To be announced.
April 20, 2023 To be announced.
May 18, 2023 To be announced.
June 15, 2023 To be announced.
July 20, 2023 To be announced.

Fingerspelling Poster – Free Download

dot-logo Fingerspelling is used in British Sign Language for names of people, places, new technology, and words we don’t know the sign for! As well as letters forming the basis for many other BSL signs.
DOT has created a Fingerspelling sheet for anyone new to signing to practise with. Ideal for home, classrooms, offices, and Doctors’ surgeries. Click on the button to download and print your copies for free.

Deaf Awareness Program Registration
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